Give importance to quality when buying a refrigerator

Keeping fresh food properly affects your good health

Correct food preservation directly affects your health, mostly when foods need cold storage. That’s why it is important to make the right choice when choosing a refrigerator. The fridge is an essential part of your home appliances, and it will probably remain for long in your kitchen. Replacing the old refrigerator with a new one involves knowing essential features regarding this appliance: technology, capacity, energy consumption, accessories. Better be sure that it satisfies your needs. So, let’s go over a few crucial concepts about refrigerators to get clear ideas.

Learn more about types and models before choosing a refrigerator

When the time comes to go shopping for a new refrigerator, it is good to learn about the various models and features whether you decide to buy it in person from an appliance retailer or if you choose to buy it online.

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Let’s look at the various types of refrigerators with detailed descriptions:

Top-Freezer Refrigerators

Typical double-door refrigerator, one of the most used in kitchen appliances. Composed of two independent compartments. The refrigeration compartment is placed in the lower part, while the freezer compartment is on the top. Compartments contain shelves and drawers that allow placing food in a well-organized way. The top-freezer refrigerators are usually cheaper than the other models and have lower energy consumption. The capacity of this model of refrigerator ranges from 10,5 Cu. Ft. up to 25 Cu. Ft.


Double-door refrigerators
In a double-door top freezer, the upper part is dedicated to the freezer compartment, while the lower part houses the refrigeration compartment


Bottom-Freezer Refrigerators

The double-door combined refrigerator consists of a freezer compartment in the lower part and a refrigeration compartment in the upper part. Refrigerator compartments are divided into independent shelves and drawers to arrange food. They can be equipped with one or two motors. One of them runs the refrigeration compartment, while the other runs the freezer compartment. It’s also possible to find this type of fridge operating with only one motor, usually for energy-saving purposes. However, even in refrigerators with only-one motor, it is possible to regulate and maintain different temperatures for each of two compartments. The capacity of this model of refrigerator ranges from 12,5 Cu. Ft. up to 28 Cu. Ft.


Bottom-freezer refrigerators
In a combined double door bottom freezer, the upper part is destined for the refrigeration compartment while the lower part is the freezer compartment


Side-by-Side Refrigerators

The main reason for buying a side-by-side refrigerator is its high storage capacity. They are perfect for those who need to store large quantities of food or for professional purposes in the catering industry, restaurants, bars. The two-door side-by-side refrigerator has a structure with two independent doors that swing out sideways. Usually, the right door accesses the fridge while the left one is for the freezer compartment.


Side-by-Side Refrigerators
Dual door side-by-side refrigerator. One of the doors opens the refrigeration compartment. The other one accesses the freezer compartment


French-Door Refrigerators

A variation of this kind of fridge is the French-Door refrigerator equipped with three or four doors. Usually, the top doors access the refrigeration compartment while the lower doors open the freezer compartment.


French-door refrigerators
Four or three french-door refrigerator type


Built-in Refrigerators

They have the same technological features as other models of refrigerators. However, the main reason for choosing a built-in refrigerator is that it fits better with the kitchen design. A built-in refrigerator may remain hidden from view when closed. If it is visible, this kind of fridge creates an optimal contrast with the other kitchen furniture. It is possible to place the refrigerator inside custom-made furniture by a panel attached directly to the refrigerator door or by using a door with a sliding rail mechanism.

When buying these refrigerators, it is good to pay special attention to design, color, and style. We recommend checking the overall dimensions to adapt the kitchen cabinet’s measurements that contain the fridge. There are some other technical aspects to pay attention to regarding the cabinet that contains the refrigerator and its correct positioning. You have to make sure that there is the necessary air circulation space, especially in the back and in the base, to avoid overheating or some malfunctions that might compromise the refrigerator’s proper functioning.


Built-in refrigerators
Built-in refrigerator harmonizes with the style and design of the kitchen


Cockpit Refrigerators

The peculiarity of these refrigerator models consists in their low structure. They open at the top by doors with handles or sliding doors. They often serve as an addition or integration to the kitchen refrigerator for those who need additional space, for example, large families or those who like to do big shopping. Frequently you can see this type of refrigerator installed in a room outside the kitchen, such as a basement, pantry, box, etc. They are also refrigerators suitable for professional use, e.g., for restaurants, bars, catering industry.

Cockpit refrigerators


Wine-Cooler Refrigerators

The main feature of a wine fridge is to keep wine at the optimal temperature and preserving its qualities and organoleptic characteristics. It can also store other kinds of beverages, beers, drinks, juices. According to your needs, a wide range of models exist on the market, start from small wine refrigerators for mini-bars to larger ones with high storage capacity for professional uses.

Wine-cooler refrigerators


Technical specifications to consider when choosing a refrigerator

When choosing a refrigerator, you should always check all its features, technology, and functionality to make the right choice for an appliance that suits your needs.

Energy consumption: it is one of the most important aspects to consider when buying a refrigerator for two main reasons: saving money on your energy bill and a considerable contribution to a lower impact on environmental pollution. In fact, we could say that saving on electricity consumption could be one of the key reasons that make you decide to replace your old refrigerator.

Capacity: indicates the internal volume of a refrigerator. Having a large and spacious refrigerator is certainly useful. However, when you look to capacity, keep in mind that the larger your refrigerator is, the more expensive your energy bill. Choose the capacity according to your needs and habits.

Frost-free: it is a technology that prevents the formation of frost inside the refrigerator and contributes to better food preservation. Too much frost in your refrigerator might create some moisture and, consequently, bacteria and mold formation. Last but not least, the presence of frost increases energy consumption.

Material: almost all refrigerators have a structure made of plastic materials or sheet metal like aluminum or stainless steel that prevents rust. Inside the fridge, various supports, shelves, grids made of plastic, aluminum, or glass.